How to Create Stunning Avon Blog Posts

Are you too busy to write all of your blogs?


This article will show you exactly how to post AVON  blogs that are already written and beautifully optimized. These blogs will also automatically link back to your e-store!

Here’s How….

AVON’s INSIDER BLOG already has optimized blogs ready for you to read, enjoy, and post! The HD images are also clickable and can be saved.

The magic is that….all of these blog posts link back to you when clicked!

Once a client clicks on your AVON INSIDER blog post, your e-store is now saved in their search cache. (search memory)

Again….The INSIDER posts are part of YOUR e store!

This isn’t visible from your phone as easily but from a PC, you can see that the link to each Insider blog post has your name at the end of the URL.

I’ve captured a few shots to show you. Please excuse the non-edited parts of the photo. I do my best work with low battery and late at night.

Let’s look at the first photo.

This shows the all pink application at the top right that goes directly to your e store. This app is different from your quick order one and the social media one also. Click this app.

Once you click there, Next…Scroll all the way down to the bottom left. Where it says AVON INSIDER BLOG in pink, that’s where we’re going. Click there.

Almost done. Now that you’re inside the blog, remember that everything here is still shopping with you. There are 3 main sections of the blog. Lifestyle, Beauty, and  Empowerment and they are all linked to you.  (This wasn’t always the case with non product pages within the e store but that has changed!)

You can copy the link URL from your phone in the URL bar, write your blog introduction to the article and then link your readers to the main blog post.

This is huge for AVON REPS in 2017!

The finished product looks something like this:

This is a snapshot of what your e store blog post looks like under the category of Lifestyle. 

To contact me about blogging as an AVON REP,  fill out the form below and I’ll be happy to help. To be a part of team GORGEOUS AVON REPS, get ready for a fun ride! You are qualified to be featured as a Gorgeous Avon Rep if you have your own website outside of your estore. This includes a social media page or traditional website.

Or you can watch my YouTube video for a quick look here on how to use your estore to create stunning Avon blog posts in minutes.